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    8 Properties for rent in Al Dafna

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    Properties for rent in Al Dafna

    Al Dafna is located on the Persian Gulf, north of Doha, Qatar. It could gain a unique position as the central business district of the capital. That's why they call it the new downtown of Al Doha. It contains most of the significant Qatari institutions and skyscrapers, besides embassies, commercial centers, governmental institutions and many large incorporations. The most important park in Al Doha " Al Dafna park" which has sea overlooking view and gives the district more importance. All these reasons are more are enough to get you thinking about properties for rent in Al Dafna.

    Al Dafna is full of joyful places. The visitors can enjoy their time in Katara culture village, where harbor theaters, concert halls, exhibition galleries exist. There is also an amphitheater, the Katara Amphitheatre built in ancient style. Thia is in addition to the different services and facilities like; hotels, restaurants, cafes, studios and shopping avenues all over the country. There is also City Centre mall which is one of the largest malls in the Middle East, in which you can find the famous brands.

    Properties for rent in Al Dafna are not like anywhere else. With its luxurious and prestigious properties, Al Dafna provides its expats with different and unique experience in their lives. Many Expats tend to choose to live near the workplace, the thing which Al Dafna tries to provide. Facilities are accessible and easy to reach. All that you need, you will get. Al Dafna is also strategically positioned near to Hamas International Airport, which makes exploring and moving around easier for the expats.

    Al Dafna properties

    Safety and security are the most important aspects when it comes to choosing a property. Properties for rent in Al Dafna are perfect to raise families because of its safe and secure atmosphere. The area is actually known to have a very low crime rate. Undoubtedly, Al Dafna's position nearby the sea is a major addition. Many people prefer to have a property nearby the sea. A night picnic by the sea is always a plus.

    Al Dafna is known for its modern and large towers that you can see in your plane seat just after getting to the city. While its skyscrapers are known for their unique and special designs. Whereas the properties are distinguished by luxury and specialty. Al Dafna is considered to be one of the most aristocratic districts in the whole country. Having important institutions like foreign embassies and ministries makes it a very a calm and secure place to have properties for rent in Al Dafna. Alongside the wide range of villas for rent and the amazing public parks.

    For all the above-mentioned reasons, we can surely say that properties for rent in Al Dafna is a very nice thing to do. Only there you can restore the connection with Mother Nature and enjoy your residence in the most aristocratic, safe and luxurious district in Doha. You will also feel just like you’ are at home.

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